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Have you been thinking about buying a New Construction Home in the Tampa Bay area? No matter where you are looking – here are the top 5 reasons to hire a Real Estate Agent when buying a New Construction Home.

1See all the New Construction Options.  You know you want a new home, but when you walk into a builder’s model, you only see the lots and houses that particular builder offers.  Your agent can show you all of the available lots in the area and introduce you to multiple builders and models to make sure you pick the builder that can build you the home you want within your budget.

2Representation: Do you know that the builder’s rep typically only represents the builder’s rights?  Hiring your agent first ensures that someone has the fiduciary obligation to represent your best interests.  Without hiring an agent, you are on your own. And the builder typically pays our commission.

3. Know your rights.  Most builders have their purchase agreements and addendum designed to protect the builder. Without an agent, you may sign a legally binding document that you don’t understand or, worse, have you unnecessarily giving up your rights.  Also, your agent will have insight into when 

4. Know what to expect during the transaction.  An experienced agent has been through this process many times.  They will let you know what you can expect during the home building process and alert you to red flags.  An agent will also help keep the entire process on track. 

5. Work with the same agent to sell your home.  Many new construction home buyers need to sell their current homes before starting the building process. Your agent will help you time the market and price and stage your home appropriately to keep you on track to reach your new construction goals. 

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