Quick Emergency Information Guide

Tampa Bay Natural Disaster Awareness

Report on any Disaster Fraud to FEMA FEMA number 866-720-5721 Email to disaster@leo.gov Subject line fraud Provide images, or other useful information Examples would be Fake Posts offer pay to help with Hurricane Cleanup or prepaying for putting up your Hurricane Shutters, Etc. Price Gouging in Florida If anyone suspects price gouging, report it to […]

Tampa Bay’s Splash Water Areas

Tampa Splash Pad Parks

With warm days approaching, the Tampa Bay area has some great spray grounds, public pools, and splash zones many are free or low costs. extracted from Tampa Bay Times Life & Culture Section. Free play areas in Tampa Bay St. Pete Pier is one of the newest water play areas located near the St. Petersburg […]

Tropical Storm Elsa emergency information

Tropical Storm Elsa

Tropical Storm Elsa is forecast to pass close to the Tampa Bay area, though its long-range forecast is still uncertain. Many Tampa Bay area counties are issuing emergency orders. The Tampa International Airport,will be closing at 5pm today. The ZooTampa has closed, many of the summer schools have closed today and tomorrow. Click or tap […]

Tampa Bay’s Picnic Locations

Best picnic parks in Tampa Bay

Head to one of Tampa Bay’s best places to spread a blanket and share a meal! Here’s a list of the best places for a picnic listed but in no particular order for the area